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I found pics of naked black men on my wife's cell phone. What do you think is going on?
When confronted, my wife told me that a co-worker just sent those to her because she wanted my wife to see what her boyfriend looked like. Needless to say, I am ready to see a divorce attorney.

Am I wrong for wanting to leave over this?
Yeah sounds kinda crazy, right? My guess is she is meeting guys on the internet, can you somehow check into her computer? Perhaps she is just chatting, perhaps chat sex even, but it may not go any further than that. She did give them her number which is way out of line. I know from personal experience, sometimes all you have to say to a guy on the computer is hi, and they r emailing you shots of their weiners. I am not buying her story, but maybe you could confront the coworker of hers, and be nice as can be, and just simply ask her. But be forwarned your wife may have already informed her and she could bre prepared to lie for her. I would be freaking too, but take your time on this. I am a devoted wife and mom and I have stooped to chatting to men online before, of course soon as they want a number or way of contacting me, I high tail it out of there, but if my husband had divorced me over some of the pics I was sent, it would have been a travisty to break up a pretty good marriage over it.
I was trying to print pictures of naked black men and black man came out.?
he came out as a pcture, but it was wired because he was smiling at me and that is wired ecacue that wasnt the picture i treid tro print.

who is this
Your ripped, you on a acid trip
Why do black men in pporn have on timberlands while stark naked?
oh and keep in mind i am only looking at the women but i cant help but notice the timberlands

This just made my day :-D
What's the music video with a naked black man in the whole video?
it's from the 90's.....and you don't see anything. but he's completely naked.
D'Angelo - How does it Feel
What is the name of the naked black man running/jumping in recent (mayb sports?)printed adverts?ASAP?
I think he may be a runner or some sportsman but if anyone could tell me his name or what he is advertising it would be a great help for my essay thanks!
unfortunately not...... but yes, it's Phillips Idowu.
Naked black man music video?
I was watching MTV jams the other day and watched a naked black man sing an R&B song. I don't remember who he was or what the song was but he sang it well. The entire video was just of him naked singing. Of course we could only see from his waist up because its MTV. If you know of this song or the artist can you please let me know? thanks much
*Untitled (How Does It Feel) - D'Angelo

I LOVE that sexy as.s video. ♥♥♥♥
Most Black Music Videos usually have half naked women?
Why? I don't really watch much music videos in youtube but as of recently it's almost all the music videos I see with black men singin always have half naked women dancing and posing and are suggestive. The only kinda different IIRC was Cee Lo Green's "**** You" where to me it seems that the ladies weren't that sexualized in the vid.

I hope I didn't sound racist or anything. I wasn't tyring to. Sorry.
Tuz, I don't think you are being racist, you're just describing what you see.

I don't think it is 'only' black guys singing in these clips though but more a case of the genre of music. Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B and a lot of other Pop music clips are filled with half naked women (and sometimes men), Lady GaGa anyone?

It had to do with the over sexualisation of the entire community rather than JUST the music industry. Artists will continue to flood their clips with half naked women for the plain and simple rule that SEX SELLS!
I saw my wife looking at the naked black man on t.v she is a cheat?
I feel so very disgusted how dare she cheat on me after all i have done!and to make it worse it was a black man and his dick was bigger than mine.I want a divorce but do you think the courts would accept this? Im heartbroken how could she with that low life from tv?
little b****
What a S L U T i would never do that to my sexy husband
Naked black ninja in my house?
i walked into my kitchen and i cant believe what i saw. there was a naked black man cleaning the dishes and smiling at me. i got scared and turned around and back around but he was gone. the sink was still on and i thought this was weird. i went farther into my kitchen and fell off the cieling and landed behind me. he wrapped his arms around my waist and i thought he was going to make love to me (not that i wanted him to) but he threw me up in the air and slammed me on the ground then dissapeared.
it was a dream babe....

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