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WHy do people like to piss me off whenever we have to do a group project?
If I am out of town and say that I have no access to the internet, I tell you to text me the information and you don't... who do you think should be mad them for not texting me, or me because they got a stank attitude because I didn't have any input?
Well the person should txt you if they want you to have the information and shouldn't get mad seeing that your out of town. If I was you and needed the info ASAP then I'd be pissed.
Which group piss you off more, theists or animal activists?
I used to think theists are more annoying, because animal activists tend to sound more "logical" in a debate. But recently in the past few years, there has been so many attempts to sabotage research labs (ex. in Britain, in California, in Vancouver...), I have now change my mind.
I think theists (like Christians) mostly just complain and lecture about things like about creationism vs evolution, but they rarely take things "to the street". They don't blow up teachers' cars, write threatening letters, or blow up schools. Yet for activists, they break laws to get attention, and try to convince people not to fund scientific research when science is already badly in need of funds.
IMO it's one thing to have your own opinion, but when you break the law... that's no excuse.
animal activists.
Which groups really piss you off on Facebook?
I hate those cheesy love groups like 'if nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?' lol they piss me off so much and all the girls join those groups and it's like ok we get the point :| Haha how about you :) ?
Eminem raps about life, not just girls, weed, and cars. (he does)
My jaw dropped when i found out Mick Jagger was Ke$ha's dad (they aren't related!)
How do you deal with a group of tightly knit people who are so annoyingly obnoxious?
For instance, they know about eachother and everyone else in the group. If you join the group ,and you piss one person off, the entire group will know. You cannot be friends with peopel in that group if you happen to be enemies with one of them. Let's say that the group is comprised of 50 people independently scattered in yoru daily living, and anything you say to one of the people in this group gets relayed to the rest of the group.
You're pretty much going to have to get along with everyone or leave it behind. Cliques like this are self-sustaining and there's not really anything wrong with it. If you find them obnoxious, avoid them and stop trying to weasel your way into someplace you're not wanted.
I have several groups of friends and two groups take the piss out of me(as a joke)?
I can't just talk to them about it and ask them if they're being serious because they will do it even more, and i can't find a new group of friends because these are the popular group of people, and i know they do like me but i just feel hurt by having the piss taken out of me, what should i do?
Well the 2 groups that take the piss are actually just mates, not friends. They'll invite you places etc, but they wouldn't save your life most likely.
The other group that doesn't take the piss, are proper friends and would probably do anything for you.

Whatever you do, never drop the last group like a stone just to hang out with the "popular" crowd.

Keep them all in your life, but learn to differentiate, and who to give your loyalty to.
Lol did/does the white trash hick stoner group in high school piss you off?
im a sophomore

anyone know what im talking about? theres so many
YES!!!!!!!! 110%%% GOD I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!
Sent a really bad email to warner music group?
Okay so Ive been trying to watch videos on youtube and every one is starting to get blocked by Warner Music Group. So Im really pissed off now. I decide to go to their official site and send them an email. In that email I pretty much used every bad word i could think of. After I pressed send, I thought omg why did i send that!?! Is something bad gonna happen to me?
If they don't ignore it, they'll send sometime explaining how much money they lose when people watch their stuff for free.
Doesn't it piss you off when a group of people are talking about boxing and they think they know their stuff.?
Today, I was at Starbucks studying for a midterm when a group of guys were talking about the Pacquiao-Cotto fight and I was curious to hear fellow boxing fans (or so I thought) opinions. They start talking about about whose going to win and such, and they all had generic predictions (i.e. "Pacman in the first round, Pacman wins by UD, or Cotto's tough, he'll win, Pacquiao demolished Oscar, he'll win for sure, "Cotto lost his last fight to that Mexican". I became infuriated and immediately wanted to jump into their conversation and they all thought they were touch macho men who know boxing when in reality, they're not even as knowledgeable as what you would consider, "casual" boxing fans. And of the guys said.."Dude, Cotto's gonna win, trust me, I watched the whole 24/7 series"....and then that's when I just bursted out laughing, to which I had to pretend that I read a funny text cause they began looking at me. It makes me ashamed that you have people who consider themselves, "fans" to comment so primitively. I'm no Burt Sugar or Jim Lampey.....but damn.....I'm like Lederman+Steward times 104234 better than they are. Don't you hate it when people give predictions or talk about the sport when they don't even follow it?
I generally try to ignore the ignoramuses who know nothing about the sweet science because their general lack of knowledge might make me stupider. I mean, when a big fight is coming up everybody tries to act like an armchair gladiator giving their worthless predictions. Often times, their opinion has no basis in reality; it is skewered toward their hometown favorite; or they only saw two or three fights in their lifetime and this makes them, in their own mind, a "boxing expert."
I deleted my yahoo group & members of other groups ive joined, is Pitiching a fit about it, What shall i do?
I joined snail mail group, & about 3 members are PITCHING a Fit, cus i deleted my group, I told them, nicely to create there own, & its suppose to be a snail mail group & its a wonder the owner doesnt step in, what shall i do? quit the group cus there pissed at me?
tell they you are leaving and ask them if they want to run it? you can also block their emails..
What happens with my invitations to group for my colleagues?
I`ve created a group, two weeks ago, and only a small part received invitation to join, and I sent them 5 times the invitations. I pissed off and I created another group.... It seems that is same problem. My colleagues don`t receive invitation to group... Why? What the hell happens? What should I do to be sure that my colleagues rwill receive the invitations.
many times it's not a Yahoo issue, the the mail providers issue that see's the invites as spam. if your group isn't closed membership, send the direct URL of the group in your own e-mail, which wont be seen as spam. the click the link and join that way

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