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Are there any teens that hardly hung out with friends this summer?
And more family? I havent hung out that much with my friends, and mostly my family. Sometimes i feel like everyones better than me because theyre always with their friends and im always just with my family. Is it weird that i went places all the time this summer with my little sister thats just 11 and im 15? Do you care that you hardly got together with your friends?
OMGGG you took the words right out of my mouth. Well i mean, I did the same thing this summer. I saw some friends like three times. And it was just to the movies. I go on facebook and other girls (usually the popular ones) have hung out all summer with their friends at the beach or parties and stuff like that. I feel like a total loser, hahaaa. I wish I could do stuff like that but I don't really have as much money as those girls. But it's like, ohh well. What can I do?

And at least you did something and went places! I didn't do that. :)
Do girls really like a heavy hung guy? what size is normal for teens ?
just wondering, health class doesnt really cover size..
Well put Johnny. Don't be worried about size, I mean I hope you're at least 5 inches, but it really all comes down to technique. If you know how to use your god given tool, you can blow her mind.
What is your reaction to hearing about the MO. teen who hung herself over a "fake boyfriend myspace hoax?"
Especially now that we know it was actually a neighbor's MOTHER who created the account and sent messages to megan (the deceased) saying "the world would be better off without you." ?
That the adult in question is the lowest kind of scum. I carefully researched federal and state statutes trying to find something that would fit...but nobody thought to make her particular misdeed criminal.

She was so originally evil that nobody saw it coming and made it a crime!

I hear that people are throwing stuff at this woman's house, pantballing it, etc. and police patrols have had to be stepped up. I don't endorse such actions against her...but I have to say I understand them.

BTW, the girl's mom was out of line for letting her have an account age. The mom also wasn't supervising the girl's communications well enough.
Have you ever hung out with or been around with an Amish teen during their time of Rumspringa?
Truthful answers please.

Where and when? Did they seem like they wanted to go back or continue to live outside of the Amish community? Where do most of Rumspringa youth hang out or go to during that time? Do they go to bars or nightclubs? Have you ever dated an Amish teen during their time of Rumspringa? How did they display cultural shock?

Were you an Amish youth that decided to stay outside the Amish community?
No, but I watched a TV show about it. They did a lot of normal stuff and I was surprised to learn how much they did know about the outside world.
What was your favorite food when you hung out in weird places as a teen?
If you don't see how this question relates to rock n' roll....please skip this question and go to pitchfork -- that's a great place for you :)

So the mall, in parking lots (my fave) or anywhere. What would you eat to avoid going home for dinner and be able to stay out longer?

Some of mine...

Potato chips
Polish hot dog with mustard and lots of sauerkraut

The infamous Oki Dog in Hollywood, CA and of course it was the Oki Dog and their french fries are a55 kicking back in the day (mid 80's for me)

Jay Bee BBQ in Gardena, CA, man I miss that place and the sweet potato pie is yummy!

Missing Southern California...
Do you support teens and eyelid surgery?
Say you had a teenage daughter with saggy eyelids, that hung down to her eyelashes. Like you couldn't see actual LID above her eye. If she asked for eyelid surgery, woul you let her get it? What if she paid? Why or why not?
lol i had never heard of eyelid surgery before, i wouldnt let her pay n if she was like depressed because of it i might
Teens why are private school guys assholes?
I went to this Christian school and the guys were ugly and talked **** about people when they knew nothing about what they were talking and they made fun of guys and the girls dressed lime Barbie and hung out in clicks and the staff ran their mouths about their personal lives. And they took the side of rich guys on displine issues, and they shove no sex drinking or partying or cusing down your throat

BQ : do you like strawberry milk?
They get everything they want and there parents are rich.

Don't worry about those stuck up stupid f*cks, you're better than them.

Know this.
Teens: What are your thoughts on the death penalty?
Where I live (Australia) it's is banned. But I think it should be brought back, considering the amount of people who have murdered others, especially people who have murdered guyren & babies. I think its sick, and I think they should serve at least 20 years in jail and then be hung publicly.
What do you think?
I'm all for it! but i think it should be a little more brutal and painful not the lethal injection... you want to brutally murder someone you shouldn't be put to death humanely. bring back the electric chair or hangings or even better would be a firing squad...

I'm not a dark and evil person im actually the total opposite, but i feel stongly about if someone takes the life of another person it should not be taken lightly! they deserve every bit of pain!

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